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Sustaining Health, Food & Nutrition

About Us

Climate change. Sustainability. Food security. Global pandemics. Miiiome Technology is the future.


Miiiome is the short form for microbiome and is defined as the combined genetic material of the microorganisms and the microbial cells, both living or otherwise occupying a defined habitat such as our gut. There are five elements where Miiiome resides and they are the Air, Water, Earth, Plants and Animals (including man).

Miiiiome Technology is the frontier of microbial science and technology and has the ability to make significant breakthroughs in health and sustainability for the world. As such, Miiiome works closely with forward-looking and innovative commercial partners to deliver business solutions in a sustainable ecosystem.

The Solution to a Better World

Dr. Chia Tet Fatt

B.Sc.(Hons), M.Sc., Ph.D., PGDipTHE

The Creator of Miiiome Technology

Dr. Chia Tet Fatt, a research scientist and commercial biotechnology trailblazer, has been researching and making breakthroughs in the invisible world of DNA and microbes for over 30 years. He is most notably known for his strong research and development capabilities, resulting in major and significant discoveries and inventions. Miiiome Technology is his latest achievement. Through Miiiome technology, he endeavours to bring everyone into his exciting 21st century lifestyle of health and vitality, leaving behind the problems of the 20th century.

Outstanding achievements:

  • World’s first glowing orchid

  • World’s first commercial mass-farming of antibiotics-free meat chicken

Miiiome Creater, Dr. Chia Tet Fatt
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Miiiome Gives Life to Nature

The Possibilities Are Endless

Building the world anew and staying true to sustainability begins with understanding the Miiiome in our ecosystems.

Miiiome is the unseen guardian of the natural world and is always present in the 5 elements around us:

Air, Water, Earth, Plants, Animals.

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Sustaining Health, Food & Nutrition

What sustains health, food & nutrition? Microbes

- Microbes & Health -

By nature, microbes protect the physical space that they live in - the air, water, soil, plants, animals and mankind.

In mankind, they can be found in our gut, on our skin and also in breast milk. Although invisible to us,  microbes perform very important functions. The good microbes form a protective defense system and attack bad bacteria. They produce essential nutrients in the right doses. They maintain a healthy, open and important communications within the ecosystem.


Essentially, microbes are the central command centre, quietly safeguarding health and ensuring stability and prosperity of the ecosystem. Stability of our health, animals health, plant health and the total environment health lies in the hands of a healthy Miiiome.

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- Microbes, Food & Nutrition -

Selecting food according to how it affects the good microbes in our gut is a key defining feature of the Miiiome 21st century lifestyle and dietary practice.

Microbes in the gut are the interface between what we eat and what is absorbed by the body.


Good microbes help to:

(1) Unlock food nutrients, supplement nutrients and;

(2) Convert selected nutrients into useful bio-active metabolites

Bio-active metabolites examples: short-chain fatty acids for better glucose & fat metabolism, vitamins for good health. 

Life Gets Better Now

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Enhanced Ecosystem Monitoring and Maintenance Programme
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